Harmonised Tariff of the Integrated Customs Information System

Chapter 03

HeadingArticle Description
03Fish and crustaceans, mollusc and other aquatic invertebrates
0301Live fish
0301100000-00-00Live ornamental fish
0301910000-00-00Live trout(Salmo trutta, Oncorhync' mykiss, clarki, aguabonita,gilae,apache & chryso...)
0301920000-00-00Live eels
0301930000-00-00Live carp
0301990000-00-00Other live fish
0302Fish, fresh or chilled (excl. those of 03.04)
0302110000-00-00Fresh or chilled trout(Salmo trutta, Onc'mykiss, clarki,aguabonita,gilae,apache &chryso)
0302120000-00-00Fresh or chilled pacific(Onc'spp nes)atlantic(Salmo salar)and danube salmon(Hucho hucho)
0302190000-00-00Fresh or chilled salmonidae (excl. 0302.11 and 0302.12)
0302210000-00-00Fresh or chilled halibut
0302220000-00-00Fresh or chilled plaice
0302230000-00-00Fresh or chilled sole
0302290000-00-00Fresh or chilled flat fish (excl. halibut, plaice and sole)
0302310000-00-00Fresh or chilled albacore or longfinned tunas
0302320000-00-00Fresh or chilled yellowfin tunas
0302330000-00-00Fresh or chilled skipjack or stripe-bellied bonito
0302390000-00-00Fresh or chilled tunas, nes
0302400000-00-00Fresh or chilled herrings (excl. livers and roes)
0302500000-00-00Fresh or chilled cod (excl. livers and roes)
0302610000-00-00Fresh or chilled sardines, brisling or sparts
0302620000-00-00Fresh or chilled haddock
0302630000-00-00Fresh or chilled coalfish
0302640000-00-00Fresh or chilled mackerel
0302650000-00-00Fresh or chilled dogfish and other sharks
0302660000-00-00Fresh or chilled eels
0302690000-00-00Fresh or chilled fish, nes
0302700000-00-00Fresh or chilled fish livers and roes
0303Fish, frozen, (excl. those of 03.04)
0303100000-00-00Frozen pacific salmon (Onc'nerka,gorbuscha,keta, tschawytscha,kisutch,masou &rhodurus)
0303210000-00-00Frozen trout (Salmo trutta, Onc'mykiss,clarki, aguabonita,gilae,apache & chrysogaster)
0303220000-00-00Frozen atlantic and danube salmon
0303220022-00-22----Gutted,head on
0303290000-00-00Frozen salmonidae (excl. pacific, atlantic, danube salmon and trout)
0303310000-00-00Frozen halibut
0303320000-00-00Frozen plaice
0303330000-00-00Frozen sole
0303390000-00-00Frozen flat fish (excl. halibut, plaice and sole)
0303410000-00-00Frozen albacore or longfinned tunas
0303420000-00-00Frozen yellowfin tunas
0303430000-00-00Frozen skipjack or stripe-bellied bonito
0303490000-00-00Frozen tunas, nes
0303500000-00-00Frozen herrings (excl. livers and roes)
0303600000-00-00Frozen cod (excl. livers and roes)
0303710000-00-00Frozen sardines, brisling or sprats
0303720000-00-00Frozen haddock
0303730000-00-00Frozen coalfish
0303740000-00-00Frozen mackerel
0303750000-00-00Frozen dogfish and sharks
0303760000-00-00Frozen eels
0303770000-00-00Frozen sea-bass
0303780000-00-00Frozen hake
0303790000-00-00Frozen fish, nes
0303800000-00-00Frozen fish livers and roes
0304Fish fillets and other fish meat, fresh, chilled or frozen
0304100000-00-00Fresh or chilled fish fillets
0304101321-13-21------Whole fillets more than 300g each
0304200000-00-00Frozen fish fillets
0304203100-31-00-- of coalfish
0304900000-00-00Frozen fish meat (excl. fillets)
0305Fish, salted, dried...; smoked fish; fish meal fit for human consumption
0305100000-00-00Flours meals and pellets of fish,fit for human consumption
0305200000-00-00Livers and roes, dried, smoked, salted or in brine
0305300000-00-00Fish fillets, dried, salted or in brine, but not smoked
0305410000-00-00Smoked Pacific(Onc'spp...rhodurus),Atlantic(Salmo salmar) & Danube salmon (Hucho hucho)
0305420000-00-00Smoked herrings (incl. fillets)
0305490000-00-00Smoked fish (excl. salmon and herrings)
0305510000-00-00Dried cod, not smoked
0305590000-00-00Dried fish, not smoked (excl. cod)
0305610000-00-00Herrings salted or in brine but not dried or smoked
0305620000-00-00Cod salted or in brine but not dried or smoked
0305630000-00-00Anchovies salted or in brine but not dried or smoked
0305690000-00-00Other fish salted or in brine but not dried or smoked, nes
0306Crustaceans, fresh, chilled or frozen
0306110000-00-00Frozen rock lobster and other sea crawfish
0306120000-00-00Frozen lobsters
0306130000-00-00Frozen shrimps and prawns
0306140000-00-00Frozen crabs
0306190000-00-00Frozen crustaceans,(incl.flours, meals and pellets),fit for human consumption nes
0306210000-00-00Rock lobster and other sea crawfish (excl. frozen)
0306220000-00-00Lobsters (excl.frozen)
0306230000-00-00Shrimps and prawns (excl. frozen)
0306240000-00-00Crabs (excl.frozen)
0306290000-00-00Crustaceans (incl. flours, meals and pellets), fit for human consumption,not frozen, nes
0307Molluscs and aquatic invertebrates, nes
0307210000-00-00Scallops, live, fresh or chilled
0307290000-00-00Scallops (excl. live, fresh or chilled)
0307310000-00-00Mussels, live, fresh or chilled
0307390000-00-00Mussels (excl. live, fresh or chilled)
0307410000-00-00Cuttle fish and squid, live, fresh or chilled
0307490000-00-00Cuttle fish and squid (excl. live, fresh or chilled)
0307510000-00-00Octopus live, fresh or chilled
0307590000-00-00Octopus (excl. live, fresh or chilled)
0307600000-00-00Snails other than sea snails
0307910000-00-00Aquatic invertebrates (excluding crustaceans),live, fresh or chilled,nes
0307990000-00-00Aquatic invertebrates incl.flours, meals and pellets,(excl. live, fresh or chilled)nes